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Overview of Awards Across the School

Overview of Awards Across the School

Achiever’s Tie

An Achiever’s Tie is awarded for excellence and effort in four categories-Academic, Cultural, Service and Sport. Ten points are required to achieve a tie and students must have points in all four categories. It is our intention to recognise success and hard work, and as such guide students in ways they can achieve recognition. Each and every award and point will be made by the Deputy Headmaster. The Headmaster may use his discretion to award a tie to children who either; are in Year 8 with 10 or more points in 3 categories, one of which must be Service, or are in Year 5-8 with 25 or more points, one of which must be Service. Discretion does not provide any extra points. All points are finalised by the Deputy Headmaster only. An Achiever’s Bar is awarded to a student who gains 25 points (note – an Achiever’s Bar may only be awarded when children have points in all four categories.)
There are two sub categories

Academic Effort – If a student has 80% of their end of term effort scores as ‘1’s then they will be awarded an Academic Point for effort.

Academic Achievement – These would be awarded to the three students in each class at the end of each semester for General Excellence. Other outstanding academic achievements may be recommended for a point.

Cultural: Points are awarded for both external and internal cultural achievements.

Internal Achievements – Points can be earned for cultural achievements. These may be achieved in any discipline. External Achievements – Up to two points can be earned for examinations undertaken outside the school. However only one point can be earned in a particular discipline and a point will only be awarded on receipt of results.

Service:  Students who are assigned to duties which are recognised in published lists and/or are commissioned in a school assembly may receive a service point if they are reliable and trustworthy in the execution of their duties.  Duties are expected to be held for at least one year.

Sport: Placings in all major sporting events and up to one quarter of the school team in winter and summer sports for performance or for exemplary effort in the above. Points will also be awarded to any student who achieves a placing in an external competition supported by the School or who having been chosen to represent Southwell School in an approved activity is placed 1, 2 or 3 depending on the level of competition as decided by the Deputy Headmaster in consultation with the Sports Coordinator.


The award of Colours is the highest recognition within the following codes at Southwell:  rugby, football, hockey, netball, cricket, softball, tennis, swimming, chess, athletics, cross-country, touch rugby, gymnastics, water polo, cycling, basketball, Kids’ Lit Quiz and other codes that may be suggested by the School from time to time.  It is important that all staff use the same criteria when selecting students for this award.  For this purpose the following set of criteria and conditions should be used:


Students in Years 5 to 8 are eligible for Colours and the proposed recipients should be able to fulfill the following criteria –

  1. Have a highly developed level of skills within the code and use them effectively.
  2. To have performed at the highest level on a majority of occasions whilst at School.
  3. Display a consistently high level of sportsmanship.
  4. Have established a degree of service to his/her code which would be evident in his/her attendance at practices and games/performances; and his/her willingness to assist administrators and coaches in the school and his/her helpfulness to fellow students.
  5. Honours external to school competition may be taken into account. Representative status is not a sole deciding factor for Colours.  (Note:  not all codes have reps).

Conditions of the Award:

  1. A proportion of up to 30% of the team/group to be eligible for the award. In an exceptional year this may be exceeded with the express permission of the Headmaster.
  2. The recommendation as to which players/performers will receive Colours shall be in the hands of the 1st and 2nd team coaches, the code coordinator, the sports coordinator, or opera director. The final decision on Colours will be made by the Colours Committee.
  3. The award will be made at a full school assembly at the end of the playing/performance season. With respect to the summer season the award of Colours may be made at the end of the 1st term to an exceptional player who has been a member of the team for one or two terms in his/her Year 7 year.
  4. Two points will be credited to the recipient’s tally of sport/cultural achiever’s tie points.
  5. A student may receive Colours in consecutive years in the same code. (Note:  a badge is presented on the first award only).

The Scholar’s and Prefect’s Tie

The tie is black with repeated Southwell crests embroidered on the material.  It is awarded to the Dux of the Junior School (Year 6) and the Dux of the Senior School at the Annual Prize Giving.  Prefects also receive this tie.


Students may be awarded trophies/cups for excelling in various School activities.  These are the property of the School and must remain at the School.    Parents are recommended to bring their cameras along to special events so that if your child is presented with a cup / trophy you may take photographs.