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Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and Recognition


Southwell Cultural and Sport Colours 2020

 The award of colours is the highest recognition within the following cultural and sporting groups at Southwell.

It is a Southwell Award. Students need to have represented Southwell in the Cultural or Sporting activity to be eligible for the award. Local, regional and national achievements in cultural and sporting events will be celebrated and recognised in assembly. However, students are not necessarily eligible for Southwell Colours for this recognition.


Girls’ and Boys’ Choir of All Hallows Chapel, Southwell Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Band, String Orchestra, Wind Band, Chamber Ensemble, Rock Band, Opera, J-Rock, Theatre Sports, Chess, 


Up to one third of a large team can be nominated for Sports Colours/Senior Leadership can use their discretion as some individual and one off team events can be worthy of Colours.

1st Team: Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Cricket, Softball, Tennis, Touch Rugby, Basketball, Water Polo and Inline Hockey.

Individual performances in; Swimming, Athletics, Cross-country, Gymnastics, Cycling, Equestrian and Multisport. 

Plus other cultural or sporting codes that may be suggested by the School from time to time. 

These awards will be recommended by the Performing Arts Department and Sports coaches/code coordinators then awarded by the Colours Committee. Recommendations must be submitted well in advance of the relevant Assembly.  The Colours Committee consists of Directors of Performing Arts, Music, Sport and a Senior Management representative.

Full Colours Yr 5-8 ( Gold Bar Badge)

For the above awards the following set of criteria should be adhered to:

  1. Students must be in Years 5-8 to be eligible for a full colour.
  2. Students should consistently display a high level of skill in rehearsal/practice and performance within the relevant discipline
  3. Students should consistently be a positive role model throughout the school (e.g. on and off stage or sports field)
  4. Students should demonstrate a high level of commitment to his/her relevant discipline which would be evident through his/her attendance at rehearsals/performances/games/practices and his/her willingness to support others.
  5. Student’s honours external to school may be taken into account. Achievement outside school is not a sole deciding factor for cultural/sporting Colours.

Individual Sport Criteria for Colours

The following criteria have been set for our individual sports which do not fit in the above format;

  • Multisport and Cycling – Placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd Nationally
  • Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Gymsports – 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall placing in Southwell School event and a placing in an event at WFPA or an exceptional performance in a Fairfield cluster event (DOS discretion).
  • Equestrian – Standout riders on completion of eventing calendar.
  • Students should consistently be a positive role model throughout the school (e.g. on and off stage or sports field)

Process and Timing

  • Winter Sport nominations sent by end of Week 7 Term 3 to Director of Sport and Director of Performing Arts.
  • Summer Sport nominations sent by end of Week 7 Term 4
  • Cultural nominations sent by beginning of Week 1 Term 4
  • Colours committee meeting after nominations received.  Recommendations made. These are forwarded to Headmaster.
  • The awards will be made at a Full School Assembly. 
    • Winter Sport will be Friday Week 9 Term 3
    • Summer Sports will be Friday Week 8 Term 4
    • Cultural will be Friday Week 1 Term 4
  • A student may receive colours in consecutive years for the same discipline, however, students do not get another badge if it is re-awarded, just a certificate.

The Prefect’s Tie

The tie is black with repeated Southwell crests embroidered on the material.  It is awarded to all Prefects.


Students may be awarded trophies/cups for excelling in various School activities.  These are the property of the School and must remain at the School.    Parents are recommended to bring their cameras along to special events so that if your child is presented with a cup / trophy you may take photographs.