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Sports Events and Fixtures

Sports Events and Fixtures

Throughout each year Southwell School has various sporting fixtures with other private schools in the North Island.

Some of these exchanges are steeped in tradition and date back many years. Most fixtures are day exchanges, but some involve overnight stays and all details can be found on each exchange below. If you have any queries about information regarding a fixture for which your child has been selected, please do not hesitate to contact the Physical Education and Sports Department.

Paul Norman
Director of Physical Education and Sport


Southwell School Cross Country - Monday 20th September - Spectator Free - students and staff only.

Winter Sports Photos - Friday 10th and Monday 13th September

Southwell School Athletics Day - Friday 26th November 2021

Event Information

Waikato Full Primary Athletics at Porritt Stadium - Wednesday 1st December 2021

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Fairfield Cluster Athletics at Southwell School - Wednesday 8th December 2021

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Fixture Details

Dilworth Sports Exchange - Cancelled