Great lives start at Southwell


Staff Contacts


Jason Speedy [email protected]

Associate Headmaster

Damian Mills [email protected]

Deputy Headmasters

Peter Walch Head Yr 6,7 & 8 with Schoolwide resp [email protected]
Keryn Bindon Head Yr 0-5 with Schoolwide resp [email protected]

Business Manager

Julie Walters Business Manager [email protected]


Rev’d Canon Neale Troon Chaplain [email protected]

Boarding House

Keith Rees-Gibbs Director of Boarding [email protected]
Bev McMaster Deputy Head of Boarding [email protected]
Jenn Douglas Weekend House Mother [email protected]
Braedene Bevan Tutor [email protected]
Nondumiso Ngcobo Tutor [email protected]
JJ Streicher Tutor [email protected]
Matthew Harris Tutor [email protected]

Teaching Staff
Year 8

Stewart Cameron Dean Year 8 [email protected]
Donna Rudduck [email protected]
Glen McKay gl[email protected]
Carolyn Hart [email protected]
Rebecca Wright [email protected]
Pen Holah [email protected]

Year 7

Diane Hazlett Acting Dean Year 7 [email protected]
Barbara Nicholson [email protected]
Gayle McLean [email protected]
Johannes Botha [email protected]
Matty Cole [email protected]
Becki Botherway [email protected]

Year 6

Darren Bryan Dean Year 6 [email protected]
Liz Southall [email protected]
Rachel van Hueven [email protected]
Sarah Gregory [email protected]

Year 5

Joanne McFarlane Dean Year 4 & 5 [email protected]
Amy Rudduck [email protected]
Phillippa Milroy [email protected]

Year 4

Keryn Cameron [email protected]
Claire Velzian [email protected]

Year 3

Kirsty McDonald Dean Year 2 & 3 [email protected]
Louise Sybrandy [email protected]

Year 2

Katharine Gould [email protected]
Bridget Coleman [email protected]

Year 1

Carmel King Dean Year 0 & 1 [email protected]
Linda Tiffany [email protected]
Laura Stewart [email protected]
Jane Savage [email protected]


Paul Norman Director of Sport [email protected]
Elliot Tiffany Sport [email protected]
Cathy Bagley Sport Administrator [email protected]
Kerry Williams Technology [email protected]
Julia McIntyre Director of Music, Choral Groups [email protected]
Victoria Trenwith Music & Performing Arts Teacher, Instrumental Music Groups and Itinerant Programme Administrator [email protected]
Penny Walch Librarian [email protected]
Julie Huggins Assistant Librarian [email protected]
Guy Velzian Science [email protected]
Cindy Lloyd-Voss Science [email protected]
Angela Walker Dean of Arts Performing Arts [email protected]
Mark Webb Dean of Learning Support [email protected]
Brya Wing Art [email protected]
Liz Wathen Pottery [email protected]
Christine Shirley French [email protected]
Stella Turner ESOL & Chinese [email protected]

Teaching Support Staff

Sue Marshall [email protected]
Raewyn Bird [email protected]
Rachelle Melville [email protected]
Susi Wymer [email protected]
Sandra McKay [email protected]
Rachel Hirst [email protected]

Administration Staff

Janet Reddish Headmaster’s Executive Assistant [email protected]
Gloria Archer Registrar/International Students [email protected]
Rachel Krielen Relationship Manager [email protected]
Anna Nesbit Office Manager [email protected]
Karina Halley Facility,Events & Clothing Shop Mgr [email protected]
Rebecca Newland Accounts Administrator [email protected]
Mandy Purdie Teachers’ Secretary [email protected]
Haydn Stoevelaar ICT Manager / Networking Technician [email protected]
Harvey Jia IT Technician [email protected]
Sheryl Thomas School Day Nurse [email protected]
Alice Norton HR / Payroll Administrator [email protected]

Catering Staff

Rohit Govindan Head Chef [email protected]
Deepak Kumar Sous Chef [email protected]
Faye Daly
Liz Fecser

Cleaning Staff

Julie Guzman-Ron Cleaning Supervisor
Kim Ryder
Pamela Martinez
Raul Pavez
Charles Ron
Betty Ron
Mikayla Pihama
Susanne Parsons Boarders Laundry Co-Ordinator

Workshop Staff

Andrew Rudduck Property Manager [email protected]
Brian Hall [email protected]
Scott Purdie [email protected]

Music, Speech, Singing & Sport Itinerant Staff

Jeremy Badger Bass Guitar, Drums, Rockband
Nathan Koretz Saxophone, Clarinet, Drums
Sam Koretz Guitar
Kathryn Orbell Flute, Recorder
Jean Paterson Violin
Julie Pescud Violin
Bill Stoneham Trumpet
Sam Trenwith Guitar, Rockband, Songwriting
Pamela Wallace Voice
Paul van Wering Guitar
Cindy Xia Piano
Dr. Greg Neil Piano
Bev Oliver Violin (Suzuki)
Katie Wigmore Ukulele, Flute, Recorder
Anne-Marie Alloway Cello (Suzuki)
Tyler Trenwith Guitar, Bass Guitar
Loretta Wilkinson Voice
Melody Gumbley Violin (Suzuki)
Susan Thomas Speech